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Infinite Members Profile

dari kiri ke kanan : Myungsoo – Sungjong – Dongwoo – Sungyeol – Woohyun – Howon – Sunggyu

Sung Gyu
Name: Kim Sung Gyu
Birthdate: April 28, 1989
Height: 178 cm
Position: Leader of Infinite and main vocal

Name: Nam Woo Hyun
Birthdate: February 8, 1991
Height: 176 cm
Position: Main Vocal

Name: Kim MyungSoo
Stage Name: L
Birthday: March 13th 1992
Height: 178cm
Weight: 62kg
Hobby/Talent: Excercise, Cooking, Rap
Position: Vocal and face of the group
Used to live: Seoul Sungdonggu
Characterisitcs: Sungdonggu Ullzzang, Good style, Face which is close with the camera, Unlike goodlooking face has a extraordinary mind

Name: Lee Sung Jong
Birthdate: September 3, 1993
Height: 177 cm
Position: Vocal

Sung Yeol
Name: Lee Seong Yeol
Birthdate: August 27, 1991
Height: 180 cm
Position: Vocal

Name: Jang Dong Woo
Birthdate: November 22, 1990
Height: 175 cm
Position: Rap

Ho Won
Name: Howon
Nickname: HOYA
Birthdate: March 26, 1991
Height: 175 cm
Position: Rap, vocal, and dance

Yang Yo Seob B2st

Beast Yang Yo Seob
Yang Yo Seob is a main vocalist of Korean Boy Band Beast. With his blonde hair, Yang Yo Seob can be very easy to be recognized.
Noted to be the “cute” member of BEAST. Yo Seob was a former M Boat Entertainment (a former sister company of YG Entertainment trainee before he transferred to Cube Entertainment. He was also known for his self-created videos and parodies. He was a backup dancer for AJ’s music video “Wiping the Tears” and “Dancing Shoes”. He also performed as a backup dancer when AJ was promoting “Dancing Shoes”.
Along with fellow BEAST member Jun Hyung, MC Lee Hyukjae, Moon Hee Jun (formerly of H.O.T.) and Kim Sook, Yo Seob welcomed Japanese tourists for “Visit Seoul 2010″ campaign, where Korean celebrities and Japanese tourists explored Seoul in MBC’s Star Guide Doshiraku to raise awareness of Seoul’s famous areas as well as its delicious cuisine.
Beast Yang Yo Seob
On July 16th, 2010, Yo Seob participated in the More Charming by the Day official soundtrack in promotion for the film with the song “Happy Birthday”.
Stands 174 cm, Yang Yo Seob’s fans always curious about his height. Yo Seob may be second shortest member of the group after Lee Gi Kwang.
Beast Yang Yo Seob
Yang Yo Seob on Twitter
Following in the footsteps of the other B2ST members, Yoseob is now on twitter! I guess now there’s only one last person to complete the collection. Do follow him! Yang Yo Seob twitter is @helloimyys
Beast Yang Yo Seob
Why can’t B2ST’s Yoseob fall asleep?
Keeping in mind that this hot group made their debut with ‘Bad Girl’ a little over a year ago, B2ST has been running ragged with an incredibly hectic schedule, as they’ve released four mini albums in just one year.
The group has barely had any rest, since on top of their weekly performances for their fourth title track ‘Beautiful‘, the members also have their own personal schedules to digest (Lee Ki Kwang for “Hot Brothers” and Yoon Doojoon for MBC “All My Love”), in addition to preparing for their first independent concert.
Beast Yang Yo Seob
With only 2 hours of rest time, the members fall fast asleep even in moving vehicles. However, it’s been revealed that Yang Yoseob seems to be the only one who can’t sleep. Lee Ki Kwang revealed, “Because of Yoseob vocals, he has a lot of high-pitched parts of songs. That’s why he purposely stays up when the other members are sleeping – he’s scared that his throat will close up while he’s sleeping and his voice won’t sound right once he wakes up.”
Yo Seob added, “I can’t help stressing over it. I tend to want to sound perfect even while I’m practicing. I guess that’s why I’ve been losing weight. I didn’t think we would be able to release so many albums in such a short and busy period of time. I’m happy the songs have come out as good as we’ve practiced. Since we have a long way to go, we will work harder to show a better side of ourselves.”
Beast Yang Yo Seob
Yang Yoseob shows off a perfect live at the ‘Hallyu Concert’ despite his surgery
On MBC at Show! Music Core that was broadcasted on the 4th, the cuts from the 2010 Incheon Hallyu Concert that occurred on the 29th of August in Incheon Moonhak Worldcup Stadium was displayed. On that day, Yang Yoseob had gone on stage and had sung “Special” and “Shock” live and won a round of applause from the fans with his safe vocal ranges. However attentions turn toward him once again after that it had been revealed that Yang Yoseob was not in his regular condition. He had gone on the stage even though he wasn’t perfectly recovered from the surgery he had taken to remove the infection in his nose.
Beast Yang Yo Seob
Someone from Cube Entertainment, BEAST management, stated, Truthfully, on that day, Yang Yoseob hadn’t been 100% fully recovered. He was mostly recovered, however since we decided that it was going to be hard for him to sing live, we wanted to cancel the schedule. Then they revealed that Yang Yoseob had stated, We need to keep the promise with the fans. In addition Cube Entertainment added, since we knew that it was going to be hard singing live because of the surgery we decided to have background music. However Yang Yoseob told us, I’ll give it a try, and he was able to fully sing on the live stage.
He had been fully able to sing live successfully even in a situation where he had to control his breathing only with his mouth since it was hard for him to breathe through his nose.

Yang YoSeob of BEAST Shocks With a Six Pack!
Yang Yo Seob Six Pack
Yang YoSeop of BEAST showed off his six pack recently, which was very surprising to all since he was always seen as a Pet-Dol.
BEAST’s company Cube Entertainment‘s staff uploaded this picture on his Cyworld Mini Hompy titling it “Who’s six pack is this?” on 28th of May. The staff member also mentioned that BEAST’s body is starting to shape really nice.
Beast Yang Yo Seob
A lot of Korean netizens wanted to know which member of BEAST’s body the toned six pack belonged to. Today on June 1st the staff member revealed that the body belonged to Yang YoSeob. As well as the six pack he also showed his arm muscles, looking more and more ‘beastily’ and hot! Yang YoSeob was called a Pet-Dol due to his cuteness but after these pictures a lot of the fans are very surprised.
Beast Yang Yo Seob
Yang Yo Seob Profile
Name : 양요섭 (Yang Yoseob)
DOB: January 5, 1990
Role : Main Vocalist
Nickname: 양요, endorphins, siksin
Education: University of East Broadcasting Arts [absent for about 1 year]
Specialty: beat box, jalmeokgi
Height: 174cm
Weight: 56kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Writing lyrics
Training: Trained under M-Boat
Specialty: Vocals
Info: He was AJ’s high school friend.
Yang Yo Seob Photos and Pictures :
Beast Yang Yo Seob
Beast Yang Yo Seob
Beast Yang Yo Seob
Beast Yang Yo Seob
Beast Yang Yo Seob
Beast Yang Yo Seob

Soon Dong Woon B2st

Beast Son Dong Woon
Son Dong Won is a vocalist and rapper of Korean Boy Band Beast. Son Dong Won is the youngest member of the group, thought he tallest member.
Beast Son Dong Woon
Son Dong Woon was a trainee from JYP Entertainment and was the last member to join BEAST and is also the maknae (youngest) of the group.
Beast Son Dong Woon
Son Dong Won Ethnicity
Son Dong Won face looks like a mix between Thailand and Korean, like 2PM’s Nichkhun. But actually, Son Dong Won is full Korean. Both of his parents are full Korean, he gets his unique look from his mothers side.
Beast Son Dong Woon
Son Dong Woon and 2AM’s Jin Woon graduate
It’s a big day for these three idols – they are finally tying the ends to their high school years today (In contrast to the European system where the school year ends around June, Korea’s school year ends around March). The proud stars, or rather the graduates of 2010, are BEAST & 2AM’s maknaes, Son Dong Woon and Jin Woon, and also Younha (yes, she’s graduating high school)!
Beast Son Dong Woon
Son Dong Woon attended his graduation ceremony with BEAST members on the 4th at 10 AM KST at Seoul Hanyoung High School. He will focus on his activities for this year and will be applying for college next year.
Beast Son Dong Woon
Son Dong Woon Father
Father of Beast’s maknae Dongwoon recently spoke out about about his son becoming an idol as well as Jaebum’s incident with netizens that occurred four months ago.
Dongwoon’s father, Son Illak, who is a professor of international manners for hotel adminstration at Cheongju University, recently wrote an article in A House Full of Happiness magazine regarding Jaebum’s situation and giving his son some advice.
Beast Son Dong Woon
In his article, titled “Tolerance of 2PM’s Jaebum”, he writes in a letter style giving words of encouragement to his son as well as his own views about Jaebum’s incident.
In his letter, he states:
As I further observed this case, I began to become skeptical at the understanding and generosity of this nation. How could we expect a young adult that has barely grown out of his teen years to be of perfect morality and ethics? What kind of nation is Korea if we cannot forgive a mistake he made in his own personal moment of immaturity and hardship? I think I have a general idea of who these people are, the people that so cruelly threw rocks at him instead of helping him up in his time of need. They’re probably goody two shoes that have never once made a mistake in their lives. And if, by chance, some of them did make mistakes, then they are truly an unforgivable person.
Beast Son Dong Woon
I believe that the keyword of this generation is tolerance. To accept and respect those with a different opinion from your own and to tolerate an international generation. I hope that the netizens of our nation will learn to tolerate without discrimination and prejudice.”
Professor Son ended his letter with words of encourgemnt and some advice for his son:
Son! The career that you have chosen is a lot like living in a glass bowl as a fish. It’s a sad life in which you are always being watched and scrutinized. But, this is your dream! Be courteous in your every word and action. And if you ever meet someone that has fallen, never throw rocks at them. I truly hope that Jaebum will return to 2PM and something like this will never happen again. I dream for this nation to mature into a tolerant nation.
Beast Son Dong Woon
Son Dong Woon Profile
Name : 손동운 (Son Dong woon)
DOB: June 6, 1991
Nickname: Sonseuko, 16 D
Education: High School hanyoung
Specialty: Piano and traditional chinese
Height: 181cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: lyrics writing and reading
Info: Long-time JYPE trainee. Teased jokingly by fans for looking Thai, especially around 2PM’s Nichkhun, who is said to look more Korean than Son Dong Woon.
Son Dong Woon Photos :
Beast Son Dong Woon
Beast Son Dong Woon
Beast Son Dong Woon
Beast Son Dong Woon
Beast Son Dong Woon

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Infinite (인피니트) is a new Korean Boy Band group under the same company as Epik High and Nell, Woollim Entertainment. The boyband has seven members, formed by leader Sung Gyu, Ho Won, Sung Jong, Woo Hyun, Dong Woo, Myung Soo, and Sung Yeol. Infinite group has gained popular even before their debut because Infinite are groomed by Epik High Tablo and Mithra Jin, and has also appeared on their own reality show ‘You’re My Oppa’. Their hit single “Come Back Again”, which mixes vintage rock and electronica for a stylish new sound. The song’s music video is directed by the director of Brown Eyed Girls‘ Abracadabra. Infinite’s six-track invasion also includes “Wings”, which is reminiscent of the dance music of nineties boy bands, and the ballad “Fixed Star”.

Member Kim SungGyu (Leader) April 28 1989

Jang DongWoo November 22 1990
Nam WooHyun February 8 1991
Lee HoWon March 28 1991
Lee SungYeol August 27 1991
Kim MyungSoo March 13 1992
Lee SungJong Septenber 3 1993